Making your house eco-friendly – baby

This is the biggest one, the one where changes seem the hardest to make. So many products are set up for quick convenience – and with good reason. Time becomes your most precious commodity and you are just. so. tired. Yet the impact on the environment should still be considered.

  1. Biodegradable disposable nappies

One of the big things that people always suggest are cloth nappies. We are not using those for two reasons. Firstly, all my experiences with them with godchildren and friends’ children are negative – leaky nightmares. Secondly, I am not convinced the extra laundry generated means their eco-credentials are all they are cracked up to be. I have the ultimate non-ecofriendly appliance, a tumble dryer, and would have to use it frequently because line-drying in the sun is a rare treat here in Scotland and drying on a clothes horse inside often takes several days (thanks, humidity). That being said, we have tried to go for as eco-friendly an option as we can with disposables. A friend recommended Eco by Naty and we’ve used them since the baby was about 3 weeks old. They are far more breathable than any “normal” nappies we’ve ever used and he has not once had nappy rash with them – this was a Godsend on our holiday in Germany with 35 degrees Celsius. The design is cute and I like the papery feel of them. I have had a few packs where there was a manufacturing error with the sticky tab being the wrong way round, but their customer service has always been stellar.

2. Washable baby wipes

Surprisingly, unlike the nappies, reusable wipes had me sold straight away. They can easily go into our usual wash (no need for “stripping” them, for example), they can be used later on for mucky faces etc and they mean no additives on baby’s bum. It was the same friend who recommended the nappies who recommended Cheeky Wipes and we have never looked back. Now when I am out and about and only happen to have some disposable wipes with me I am always disappointed at how little they actually clean compared to the flannel wipes. Their small size means they dry really quickly, too, so I can take advantage of line drying outside or in with them easily. We have yet to see how they hold up with real food poo, of course, but I have high hopes.

3. Stainless steel water bottle

Only tangentially related, but I bought this to stay rehydrated while breastfeeding and to take on walks with me when we are out and about! I got a purple one of these and it just looks sleek and lovely. Supposedly it also keeps drinks hot for a good while – I’ve yet to try that, but it sure will come in handy in winter!

In future:

  • Limit the amount of plastic toys and toys in general – he already has so much!
  • Continue to use hand-me-down clothes and toys and pass them on to the next friend who has a baby



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