Garden things

There is only so much time with a baby around, but I am still trying to do things around the house to make it nicer. At the moment we’re growing some tomatoes inside and we got a herb bed for the back garden. My grandmother brought the herbs over from Germany and we bought the bed at a discount price in a garden centre – they gave us 25% off because one of the boards was loose! When we first planted the herbs they were still recovering from their trip overseas:


But six weeks of sunshine and rain have really helped them flourish!


The back garden is currently totally overgrown, which needs to be addressed, but means I can get flowers for my own bouquet easily:


We got this cute little bench from friends who are moving away to New Zealand. I love it in our hallway!


I am starting to plan a makeover of the front garden. It’s functional and boring at the moment – I want more of a cottage garden feel. Sadly I have zero gardening experience, so this will be an adventure! Any ideas? This is the current look:


The garden faces South and has sun from about 5am until 5pm at least during the summer, so plants have to love the sun! I don’t yet know what kind of soil we’ve got. We’re also at the top of a hill, so it’s often windy.


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