Baby update – 37 weeks and term!

It’s now term time and I’m about ready for baby to come out! Since it is half German, I’ve informed baby that there are two options: being early or being on time. I’m not sure the message got through though… so we play the waiting game!


How far along?
37 weeks 1 day
Baby is now:
about 3kg and about 33cm
Total weight gain:
Good when I can get it, but it’s difficult to find a comfortable position to fall asleep in.
Personal trainer once a week and the occasional walk.
Not really – it’s been a fairly boring pregnancy regarding cravings.
Sore back, sore belly – just all round soreness now.
Sleeping on my stomach and getting out of the tub easily.
Lots and lots – but always hiding as soon as I get the camera out.
 Maternity Clothes:
All the time.
 Worst Moment of the week:
Washing machine vibrations throwing a glass off the sink, causing it to break.
Best Moment of the week:
Finishing the “must do before baby” list.
Looking Forward to:

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