Finally, a hobby room

I thought it would never happen! It’s still not 100% (or even 80%, I think), but it’s usable, it doesn’t look awful and I feel I can show it off!

Remember this was a room of disaster. There was a giant ugly nineties built in wardrobe that stank of smoke and used about five times the amount of screws necessary – it was clearly a home construction. Behind that we revealed two alcoves and a whole lot of damp plaster falling off the walls. The floor was smelly ugly carpet and all the wallpaper was incredibly tough to get off. This room really tested our limits!



That wardrobe though…


About three hours into wardrobe removal



When the plastering finally was done, we laid new flooring, as getting the original flooring repaired would have been extortionately expensive and taken several months due to broken bits.

But now! Now the room looks like this:


Upon entering, you see the two desks and the lovely sunny view. The little alcove is now shelving and will probably receive a third little shelf at the top.


On the left wall is my fabric stash, a chest of drawers full of sewing and crafting materials, some books, all our sheet music and most of our instruments.


On the right is the computer desk, office materials and pin board.


This is still the messiest corner. The sofa pulls out into a double guest bed. The incredibly wonky wardrobe is a leftover from previous tenants and currently holds all my LARP costumes, wigs, armour etc. We’lll eventually replace it with a newer, higher wardrobe that doesn’t loom over the sofa like that and which has door that actually close, but it will do for now.


We both spend quite a lot of time in here now and I have to say I love it! It gets sunshine (or at least daylight) all day long thanks to facing south-east.



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