The banister and maternity leave

Work had gotten increasingly stressful – as it does – and I was really struggling. Then in the last few days things started to escalate: trouble at parents’ evening, impending inspection and then yesterday pupils actually physically fighting in my classroom. For the first time in my life I reached my limit – shaking, heart racing, sorting out my next class before hiding in the staff room for a short, hysterical cry. Luckily my amazing colleagues clocked on immediately and ordered me to go home. I went to the doctor and have been signed off to start my maternity leave early. While it makes me feel like a failure as an employee and colleague, as a human being I am immensely relieved. I slept better than I have in weeks and am now ready to tackle everything left to do in the house!

When I last updated I said the shoogly banister was finally about to be replaced. Just a reminder of the hideousness that was:


Just plywood and horror. NOW however…



How gorgeous is that? And most importantly it is properly anchored in the ground and does not shake precariously when touched. It still needs to be painted, but that’s a small thing. It just opens up the hallway so much and there is much more light in the actual staircase. It still makes me smile every time I see it 🙂




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