All and nothing

That’s what it feels like I’m doing at the moment! I only have 23 working days left before my maternity leave, but there is so much still to do at school in those that it will probably be over before I know it. At the same time there is almost nothing happening in the house – when I get home I am so tired I just have dinner and crawl into bed!

Hopefully we’ll be able to give an update on the upstairs landing soon though. The terrible banister we have at the moment *should* get replaced this week. It currently looks like this:


I never even bothered to paint it because I knew we were going to replace it. All walls were that dusky purple at the bottom and a colour that can really only best be described as dead flesh on the top…

And here is why it’s getting replaced:

Yep, that’s in no way actually fixed into the floor and therefore totally pointless for babygates! Plus it doesn’t actually look very nice at all. So fingers crossed it will all work out this week.



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