The kitchen now

You might have read about our kitchen disaster. Luckily it all turned out well, although of course it’s only an interim solution.

The new hob and oven arrived on Saturday morning – at 7:45am! I got a call at 7:15 saying they’d be there in half an hour – barely enough time to get dressed! It was good to get an early start to the day though, as I had to nip to IKEA for opening time to get the cheapest possible countertop. I had already picked up a cheap oven cabinet at B&Q during the week. The two together cost us £60, which isn’t too shabby.

It quickly transpired that because of the way things were held together we’d have to take off *all* of the countertops and then fit the whole puzzle back together again. David was helped by our good friend Jon and his trusty jigsaw. I hid out in the living room to soothe my nerves rather than hovering nearby.

During – slight panic on my side.


Once they were done


The electrician came on Monday and connected everything. It’s so wonderful to have a modern hob and oven! Things are so much faster and the induction hob is a dream. I have already used the oven’s programmable feature where you can tell it when food is to be ready for and it starts at the correct time. Such a blessing and time saving device!


It doesn’t even look too bad for an interim solution. Yes, the countertops have two different colours and one is slightly wider then the other, but meh.




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