Pregnancy week 25

A little break from house stuff for an update on our little birdie!


How far along?
25 weeks 5 days – only 99 days until the due date!
Baby is now:
About 35cm long and weighs about 660g
Total weight gain:
Not great – it’s hard to get comfortable, there are the pee breaks and then the heart burn.
Nothing really – which is terrible!
Exhausted, but happy.
Nothing special in either direction. I am pretty much constantly hungry though!
Heartburn, heartburn, heartburn! It’s really quite unpleasant.
Sleeping on my stomach and getting out of the tub easily.
Lots! Now also visible and palpable from the outside. It’s great fun to watch.
 Maternity Clothes:
Most of my clothes are stretchy, so I am still wearing a lot of my normal stuff, but only maternity trousers.
 Worst Moment of the week:
That stove breaking.
Best Moment of the week:
The Project Present gift collection. So wonderful to see so many people blessed!
Looking Forward to:
Christmas holidays!

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