Kitchen disaster

Last Sunday I was mulling wine for my choir’s Advent concert like every year. The mulled wine boiled over slightly and I didn’t think much of it – until I realised it had tripped the fuse. Turns out wine had somehow gotten through the old seal at the front and into the controls, shorting the hob out.




Cue a frantic call and transfer of 14l of half-mulled wine to a friend nearby to finish the job. I figured letting the stove dry overnight might do the trick.

Not so. It was still shorting out everything in the morning.


Now, I’ve never liked the look of this kitchen and I’ve never liked this stove. HOWEVER an entire kitchen remodel is expensive and it’s three weeks until Christmas – where we will have all the family over for dinner. Cue panic!

I did not like the stove for a myriad of reasons – I dislike the grill/oven separation, the oven heated really unevenly, the sizes of rings on the hob were not great, the oven door has a side hinge which is impractical in such a small kitchen and the oven was way too low. So a kitchen remodel has been on the cards since the beginning and I had already looked out a new hob and built in oven that I want. So I gritted my teeth, dug into my savings (savings! make them, people!) and ordered these two:


an induction hob because I love my mother’s and they combine the best of electric and gas hobs and


a proper self cleaning built in oven. Again very similar to my mother’s and something I have wanted for a while.

The main problem is that they are both built in – meaning we need to close that gap in the counter top for the hob to sit on. So the current plan is to get the cheapest IKEA counter top and a very cheap oven cabinet and rig up something practical, if not pretty, for the holiday period and beyond until we’ve saved up for the remodel.


This is how I eventually envision the kitchen:

The empty space in the corner won’t be empty – the counter would go all the way around and there will be a sink in the corner, with the bins underneath. This remodel features a dishwasher and a hopefully more sensible distribution of things, as well as new flooring (it’s not actually as filthy as it looks in the photo above – the black tiles are just that chipped!) and walls that aren’t zombie coloured!


What do you think? What are your ideas for a dinky kitchen only 5.6m2?


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