Upstairs – the nursery

This illness is still going on. I had recovered from the pneumonia, just about and then was saddled with a head cold straight away. I am taking things very slowly, but it  is frustrating. Being back at work means there’s usually very little energy left when I get home to do any of the things I *actually* want to do!


There has however been some progress upstairs. The hobby room still isn’t ready, but our nursery is coming along! We installed a blind and I made curtains from this delightful fabric:


Since the room is small, but very high at one end I decided to go for something like this for clothes storage ( as seen on Pinterest):


We’ve bought an IKEA Billy shelf (£30) and instead of the upper shelving, I’ll put in a small clothes rail. The lower shelves then all will have baskets on them for onesies and other small items of clothing. That should do us for a while. I got those two grey baskets from IKEA for £5, but will make some of my own too with leftover curtain fabric and with this fabric:

mushroom fabric.JPG

My husband rescued the delightful little chair from his parents’ house, but it needs to be re-upholstered and the back needs to be fixed. I have to decide on a fabric for that.At the moment we still have our sofa bed in here to use this as a guest room over Christmas. That will move out into the hobby room at some point in the new year and a crib will move in. Until then, the room still looks rather cramped 😦




From a decorating viewpoint, we didn’t want to have to take off all the wallpaper from the ceiling, but its texture is pretty hideous. So we decided to work with it! Painting the ceiling sky blue makes the texture look like clouds and the lamp from IKEA ties in with the sky theme. I have put up some pictures that we have had for a long time. The little chest of drawers will probably be either painted or covered in some form, but I am not sure how yet. I want to keep everything friendly and child-like without being childish, as well as being suitable for a big age range.



There’s a little nightlight that used to be my husband’s when he was little. Isn’t it adorable?

The three pictures are by Ursula Vernon,  an illustrator whose name escapes me just now and my good friend Juliette.


Obviously this is still not quite finished, but it’s looking much more than a nursery than just a small room with stuff in it and that makes me happy!


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