The outside

I’ve neglected talking about the outside of the house so far because it’s still pretty messy and we haven’t done much too it – that’s very much next year’s plan. BUT! There have been some exciting developments and I thought I’d share them with you.

The fence at the back of the garden used to be a rusty municipal monstrosity. It looked like it had been bought cheaply when some council building somewhere was torn down and just transplanted to our back garden. Look at the thing!


Additionally, the walk along the side of the house was just open to the front, meaning that any children playing in the garden could just run out the front onto the street and anyone from the street could just wander into the back.

But no more!

We now have a lovely latched and bolted gate at the side:



And the metal monstrosity is now hidden behind a nice wooden fence:


We decided to keep the old metal fence on the outside as a visual and haptic deterrent to anyone who would want to climb over.

The gate means I can move all the bins to the side of the house, opening up this messy but big space at the back:


So I need ideas. What should I do? I do want raised vegetable beds somewhere in the garden and we don’t really need that little lean-to shed. More lawn? A proper BBQ area? Help me, Obi-Wan!



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