Downstairs is shaping up – the dining room

Slowly but surely things are coming together. The dining room is probably my favourite room of the house and I am so glad it is now pretty much done!

This is the view as you enter from the hallway:


I need to figure out a way to deal with the holes in the wall – it’s where the previous lights were and while the hideous lights are gone, we are left with holes in the wood cladding.

The dining corner. Not sure what to put on the wall here – any suggestions? It can’t be anything too big so people sitting on the bench can still lean against the wall. Again, there are two ugly bits where lights were previously attached AND I desperately want to change the blind.


The little alcove under the stairs. There needs to be a better cable solution, but that requires taking things off the wall and sawing openings and it simply hasn’t happened yet.


The dresser is an IKEA one that I modified to make it a bit more unique. I changed the handles and used wallpaper on the back to make it more visually interesting. I love the way it came out!



And that’s the dining room! It has really helped us to actually sit down at the table and have dinner, rather than having it on the couch.


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