First finished room – the living room

We have lived here for a few weeks now and of course there are still boxes and unfinished things everywhere. Luckily we have managed to finish off one room and I have to say I love the way it looks now!

This is the sofa and our frame cluster wall:


That little bookshelf will move elsewhere and probably be replaced by a standing lamp of some sort.

The view from the sofa:


Eventually we will attach floating shelves in the alcove where the white Billy is, but for now this will do.

To the right of the fireplace area is this:


which opens up to reveal this:


I vastly prefer to have my TV hidden away – I feel it’s like a constantly watchful eye, dominating the room otherwise. The cable mess still needs to be tidied away of course.

Lastly, there is the lovely (if slightly soiled) bay window to the front:


The sofa there was given to us for free by a friend and I really want to get round to properly upholstering it with a nice fabric at some point, but for now a throw will do. The coffee table is made from David’s dad’s old boat centre board and while it looks brilliant, I am not sure we will keep it in this room. It’s very small and flimsy.


And there we go!  A room for entertaining guests and relaxing in. In the future I want to replace the horrid brown blinds with something nicer and maybe get rid of the curtains. I love the way the yellow walls brighten the space up and cannot wait to see what they are like in darkest, wettest Scottish winter.




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