The bathroom

Sorry for the long break – we have finally moved in and between getting the internet set up and unpacking enough to finally feel like it’s becoming a home, this just had to take a back seat. For now though, follow me into the wonder that is our bathroom!

The bathroom was the one thing I knew from the beginning would need major work. Its layout was abysmal, its decor was dated and it was just not feasible for us. Just as a reminder, it looked like this:


Your knee touched the tub when you sat on the loo, you could lean on the sink, there was wasted space behind those two, an odd indent in the wall, the floor was linoleum and those wall tiles were a 90’s extravaganza. Not pictured is the odd rusty round shower curtain ring above the tub…

I did a lot of research into small bathrooms online and found it’s a lot easier when your bathroom is small, but square – lots of options then! Unfortunately for us, our bathroom is long and thin, a classic Scottish “galley” bathroom. Moreover, one short side has the door and the other the only window, making it impractical to put the tub across the way.

In the end, I decided on something like this:


This is the Avocado by Hugo Oliver, although our tub was sourced elsewhere by the plumber and is slightly smaller still. It means only sitting in the bath, not reclining, but I don’t take many baths anyway. Why did you want a tub then, you ask? Because we have small children around often and there’s nothing like a tub for giving them a hosing down!

We also went for a much smaller, modern, space- and water saving toilet and turned the sink around against the wall. Couple that with underfloor heating to remove the radiator (and also because who doesn’t want underfloor heating in a bathroom in Scotland!), only the necessary tiling and bright colours and this is what you get:




And yes, getting a second picture wasn’t easy. In fact I got stuck on the window sill and David had to lift me off. Hence my sheepish face…


I still need to repaint the windowsill in another colour, otherwise there is a little too much white. I am unsure what colour though! Natural wood stain? Charcoal to go with the floor? Something entirely different?

What do you think? Comment below with ideas!



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