The great destruction

As soon as we had the house, we began removing wallpaper. It came off really easily in the dining room and living room, which gave us hope for the rest of the house. What sweet summer children we were…

wallpaper ripping

Don’t I look gleeful?


So glad there was only one feature wall…


Many helpers big and little.


Then we decided to take out that built-in wardrobe upstairs. NO ONE could have anticipated how difficult that was. It took four of us*five* hours. It was clearly home-built by someone who loooooved using a lot of screws. A. Lot. Of. Them.


Look how lovely that floor is going to be though! Hidden under boring carpet before. IMG_1712

We discovered two whole alcoves behind the wardrobe and an old fireplace. A lot of plaster fell off the wall, which was the first time I thought “If only we had just left it in peace!” But I am actually glad we didn’t, as it all really needed refreshing.

Next up: priming! Or will we discover any surprises…



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