I had seen this house several times on Rightmove and clicked past it – mostly because the kitchen looked very small and I like a big kitchen. But the dining room kept calling to me and finally, I went to look at the house. I loved it straight away and dragged poor ill D out the next day to have a look at it. Luckily we agreed and put our offer in. These pictures are all the furniture and design choices of the previous owners and where we started off from. The day we got the keys we had some bubbly and then went straight into wallpaper pulling!


So here is what it looked like (minus furniture of course) when we got it.


The entrance!


Living room. I did not love the feature wall.


The world’s worst bathroom layout


Our very steep stairs


Biggest bedroom with 90s wardrobe


But what a lovely big window!


The smaller bedroom


Just the right size for a bedroom


The smallest room – still fits a double!


Yes, the kitchen is small…


…but the dining room makes it worth it! The kitchen is just to the right. 

Next up: we bring destruction.


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